Grocery IQ


Grocery IQ is a very unique app as it is accessible online on the computer AND through the app! 🙂 Sign up HERE and get to saving like a master today. 🙂

Not sure what Grocery IQ is? Here are just some of their awesome features below.

Start typing and Grocery iQ® will suggest grocery items you can quickly select.

Add item details
Enter product quantity, package size, price and more.

Favorites & history
Add frequently or recently purchased items to your list with just a few taps.

Multiple stores & lists
Add items to a specific list or to your “Any Store” list.

Organize items by aisle
Grocery iQ® automatically sorts your list so you can easily navigate the store.

Print or email coupons
Print coupons or email coupons directly from Grocery iQ®.

Email your lists
Email grocery lists at your convenience.

List synchronization
Keep your lists up to date from multiple devices.