Coupon Lingo


coupon linog

Many new couponers give up simply because the lingo used can be down right confusing! We’ve put together this list to help you decipher those deals. ¬†Before you know it, you will be stockpiling, taking pics of your hauls and your bogo wyb multiple items with your SQ’s and MQ’s! ūüėȬ†

$/$$: First figure is your amount off, second figure is either amount needed to purchase or designated amount needed to spend.  I.E. $1/2 (One dollar off two items)  $5/$30 (Five dollars off when you spend thirty)

BOGO: Buy one get one. ¬†This will most likely be followed by “free” or “half off”

B1G1 or B2G1: B1G1 is another way to write BOGO , meaning buy one get one.  B2G1 would be buy TWO get one.

Blinkie: Ever see those red blinking machines in the stores when you are walking down the aisles? Those are blinkie machines that dispense Manufacturer coupons.  These coupons can be used or saved for another store, deal, or day!

Catalina (CAT): These are coupons that print out at the register to be used on future purchases.  These coupons (referred to as Catalinas) may be store coupons or manufacturer coupons.

Digital Coupons (DQ): Also known as Ecoupons. Many stores have digital coupons that you can load onto your store card or a login associated with your phone number. Different stores have different digital coupons and guidelines for these.  Some are store coupons and some have manufacturer coupons.

Extra Bucks or ECB’s: These are coupons that print according to CVS’ weekly/monthly advertised deals. ¬†When you make a qualifying purchase , you will receive your ECB printed out as advertised. ¬†These will be attached to the bottom of you receipt.

EXP or Exp Date: Expires on or expiration date of a coupon, also known as a sad day for couponers. ¬†ūüôĀ We hate seeing coupons expire!

MIR: Mail in rebate.  These are offered by the manufacturers, usually requiring you to mail in your proof of purchase, receipt, and/or UPC of participating product.

MQ: Manufacturer coupon.  These are created by the manufacturers themselves and can be used anywhere coupons are accepted.

OOP: Short for out of pocket.  Commonly used in deal and haul breakdowns. 

Peelie: Manufacturer coupons that are found on products in stores. ¬†They are “stuck” on products. ¬†*Just because a peelie is found on a specific product, that does NOT mean it is for that. ¬†Peelies can be written for a different size, or require you to purchase two different items. ¬†Always read your peelies as you would all coupons.

P&G: Proctor & Gamble are manufacturer coupons for their specific brands.  These can be printed off of their site, but more popularly, are the insert found in your newspaper once a month. (Usually the first weekend of the month)

Raincheck or RC: When a sale item is out of stock, you can request a rain check at customer service.  This will allow you to come back after the sale is over and the items are back in stock and still received the sale price.  Some come with limitations, limits, and expiration dates, depending on store issued at.

RR: Register rewards are Walgreens’ version of catalinas. ¬†They print out coupons based upon their weekly advertised deals. ¬†Unlike catalinas though, these can not be “rolled” (used on next purchase immediately).

RP: Red Plum is a coupon source for you to get either printables here or from your local newspaper.  Checking the insert schedule is very helpful as there will be some weeks you will get more or less inserts. 

SS: Smart Source, like Red Plum is a coupon source where you can print them here or get them from your local newspaper. 

Stacking: Stacking can be referred to stacking two promotions together or two coupons. ¬†When a sale is going on, you will “stack” a coupon you have to go with it. ¬†Also, stacking coupons, you would use a manufacturer coupon with a store coupon. *Only one manufacturer coupon may be used per item.¬†

Store Coupon/ SQ: Store coupons are coupons that have been made from a specific store. ¬†They may be in flyers, printable, or even digital. ¬†*Some manufacturer coupons will say “redeem at said store” but that is still a manufacturer coupon.¬†

Tearpad/ TP: A tear pad is a pad of manufacturer or even sometimes store coupons found near a specific product on shopping aisles. 

WAGS: abbreviation for Walgreens Drugstore

WYB: Abbreviation for When you buy. ¬†I.E. “Save $2.00 WYB 2 laundry detergents”

YMMV: Your mileage may vary is used when a deal may not be the same at “your” local store.¬†

**Below is also a photo “cheat-sheet” for you to save on your computer or phone so you can quickly refer to it if needed.¬†

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