BOGO Sales and Prices explained


The infamous lingo you see almost everywhere….BOGO.  Buy one get one is what this infamous abbreviation stands for.  Below, you will learn about the two types of BOGO and why each is awesome in it’s own way.

Two Types of BOGO Sales

Many stores have two types of BOGO sales and both have great benefits. You will have to check with your store to see which your store does.

True BOGO Sale

A true BOGO sale is just what it says. You buy one item and you get one free. You have to buy two items. You cannot buy just one. In states that offer true BOGO sales, mainly Florida, the register will ring one up at the price and the other at $0.00. The best part about being in a true BOGO state is if you have a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale, you buy TWO and get BOTH free!

Half Price BOGO Sale

In this type of BOGO sale you only have to buy one of the items. The price is cut in half! Example: Orange Juice sells for $3.00 and it’s a BOGO sale. If you bought two you would get one free. If you bought only one it would ring up for $1.50. The best part about being in a half BOGO state is if you have a coupon for an odd number of items, you have the option of buying just that.  For instance, if Old El Paso items are BOGO and you have a coupon for $1.00/3, you can buy three! If you were in a true BOGO state, you would have to buy four which would leave you paying MORE than a half BOGO shopper.  (This is why when I write deals for true BOGO with an  “odd” item number coupon, I recommend buying an even number. I.E., for $1.00/3, true BOGO shoppers would be best off buying SIX and using TWO coupons)

Other Sales

 Most stores also have great sales like 10 for $10.00 or 5 for $5.00 . You do not have to buy that amount to get the sales prices, unless stated in ad. (For example, Bi-lo or Winn Dixie will note “must buy in increments of 3”)



**Don’t forget, always print TWO coupons per device to maximize your savings!

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