Mar 232016


Just like inserts are regional, sometimes coupons on are too. Some of the best zip codes are 77477 and 90210. Up until recently had a easy accesible zip code box above the coupons which made changing your zip code easier, however they have removed it. I personally keep my profile on 77477 because I have found the most  desirable coupons come out on that zip code. If you need to change your zip code to print a ” regional” coupon, follow these directions below. If you have problems, feel free to post in our Facebook group or PM us.

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Changing zip code ON PC

Click on one of the coupons below, go to profile at the top of the coupons. com page, if you are signed in click ” your profile”, change your state to TX and zip to 77477, click ” save” then come back to this post and click on the coupon you want to print, they will be preclipped for you.

Changing zip code ON PHONE

Click the square, at the top of the page with the three lines


Then click on ” sign in”


then sign in ( if you have not created an account ever create one with this zip code 77477, in TX


Hit the edit zip code button, if you dont see ” edit” click on the zip code and it will appear. Type in zip code 77477 and then edit the state to TX. Save information and click out of your profile. Come back to this post and click the coupons below and they will appear. If they do not, change the categories to beverages to find them faster.


SAVE $2 POWERADE® on any (2) 8 pack 20oz bottles of Powerade

SAVE $1 Multiple Coca-Cola sparkling brands on any 6 pack 8oz glass bottles of any Coca-Cola product.

SAVE $2 POWERADE® on any (2) 8 pack 20oz bottles of Powerade

Don’t forget to print two coupons per device!

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